Custom Relabeling FAQ

Relabeling with water based ink on tri-blend t-shirt.

Relabeling with water based ink on tri-blend t-shirt.


What size label can you print?

We can accommodate just about any size print, but strongly encourage you keep the labels to a maximum of 4” x 4”.

Where can we placed the label?

Unless otherwise noted, the placement will be approx ½” below the hem on the back neckline on the inside of the garment. By law, any garment with a neck must contain the country of origin label on the inside center or near center of the neck. If you wish, you can include a second logo with the rest of the legal requirements (see below).

What information are we required to include in the label?

There is some flexibility with the content of the label for your own creativity and branding. However, you are legally required to include the following:

  • Care Instructions (for example, “tumble dry low” or “dry clean only”) - Under the FTC’s Care Labeling Rule, garments must include labels that disclose care instructions for consumers.
  • Country of Origin - The Textile and Wool Acts also require that clothing labels disclose the fabric’s country of origin.
  • Registered Identification Number (RN) - The label must include the company name or RN number of the manufacturer, importer, or other firm handling the product. In most cases, we will print our own RN number within the label.

What type of ink will you use to print the logo?

We always try to use water-based inks when possible. Because water-based and discharge inks penetrate the fibers of the garment, there is a chance that the ink will bleed through the back of the shirt. For some shirts that are lighter in color or weight, we may opt to use a light plastisol print.

How can I avoid labels that show through the back of the shirt?

  • If you are designing your own label, try to make the design as “light” as possible. Heavy lines or objects & symbols with solid color might show through lighter weight shirts, and there is a chance the ink will bleed through.
  • Choose lighter colors when possible.
  • We will always print with the minimum amount of ink to prevent the ink from bleeding through to the back. However, if you have a sheer lightweight shirt you will probably always see the print on the inside of the shirt.

What is the minimum order for relabeling?

We require a 50 shirt minimum for relabeling. Each size shirt requires a separate label which requires additional set-up time.

Can you relabel any shirt or garment?

Maybe. If you have a specific garment you want relabeled let us know and we’ll see what we can do. Some manufacturers make it easier than others to remove labels. If the tag is sewn into the garment we may need to use scissors to remove the labels which might leave a little tag “residue” below the hemline.For this reason, we recommend shirts with tear away labels.

Here is a short list of our favorite styles of t-shirts with tear away labels:

  • Bella + Canvas Tri Blends (Men’s-BEL3413, Women’s-BEL8413)
  • Bella + Canvas Jersey (Men’s-BEL3001, Women’s-BEL6004)
  • Alternative Apparel Basic Crew (Men’s-ALT01072, Women’s-ALT01070)
  • Next Level Apparel Premium CVC Crew (Men’s-NEX6210, Women’s-NEX6610)
  • Next Level Poly Cotton Crew (Men’s-NEX6200, Women’s-NEX6000)
  • Email or call us for a complete list!

NOTE: Most of these t-shirts offer companion styles in tank, long-sleeve, v-neck or youth sizes.

How much will it cost?

Each job varies depending on the garment, print location and design. Drop us a NOTE and we’ll get back to you with a bid on the job.

Any other questions?

Email or call us anytime with specific questions for your unique job.